Activities Year 2009



18 July 2014

Forum Education for Peace: A Need for Change in Malaysia 2014. Collaboration with International Islamic University Malaysia 

2 September 2014

Workshop on Gender Awareness: An Introductory Workshop from Gender Lens in conjunction with the celebration of UNESCO International Youth Day 2014. Collaboration with SMK (P) Sri Aman

5 November 2014

Seminar on Indigenous Cultural Heritage: Preserving the Past to Sustain the Future in conjunction with the celebration of UNESCO International Diay of the World's Indigenous People 2014. Collaboration with Center for Malaysian Indigenous Studies, UM & Faculty of Law, UM

24 November & 8 December 2014

UNESCO World Day for Audio-visual Heritage 2014: Archives at Risk: Much More to Do. Collaboration wtih Department of Media Studies, UM 

20 November 2014

UNESCO World Philosophy Day: Inter-cultural Dialogue in the Context of Social Transformation: Be the Change you Want to See in the Future. Collaboration with Department of Science and Technology Studies, Faculty of Science, UM

12 December 2014

UNESCO International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2014. Collaboration with Za'ba Residential College, UM