• Universiti Malaya UNESCO Club (UMUC)
  • unesco@um.edu.my
  • 03-7967 7790

The University of Malaya UNESCO Club (UMUC) aims to encourage the youth of the University of Malaya to participate in public issues through deliberation on social issues, and by proposing suggestions to decision-makers in their regions and local communities. It also aims, through discussing different issues and organizing seminars, discussion groups, and events, to emphasize youth responsibilities towards their community and future. The activities of the club are mainly targeted at university students, young community leaders, and young professionals. Currently, the club is active in organizing, in collaboration with the United Nations, UNESCO, other NGOs (local and international), activities in cultural awareness, science and environment, education, peace studies and humanities, world heritage, international intellectual exchanges, the United Nations system, international youth policy studies, and exchanges. The Club coordinates directly with the National Commission of UNESCO Malaysia for projects and organizational matters.

The University of Malaya UNESCO Club (UMUC) is one of the accredited UNESCO clubs in the country by the National Commission of UNESCO Malaysia. The Club is the Malaysia Member of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA), based in UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.

Last Update: 05/07/2023